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Survey Software for Your Entire University

Surveys in a snap.

If your institution is going to invest in survey software, it had better work for every department and level, whether in the offices of your on-site institutional researchers or in the classroom.

SurveyGizmo’s Team Edition is customized to address the unique needs of colleges and universities with seamless LMS integration, simplified sign ons, site-wide licenses, and a completely secure system.

With its incredible power and unmatched pricing, SurveyGizmo can provide your institution all of this and much more.

To find out how you can get your school up and running, fill out the form or call us directly. A specialist will help design the perfect account for your needs.

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Find survey respondents for any type of survey

Collect Any Kind of Data

With 40+ question types from multiple choice and text boxes to file uploads and NPS, collect exactly the data you need.

Industry-Leading Security

Security is built in to SurveyGizmo’s very foundations, ensuring your students and projects are protected.

Full Design & Brand Control

Fully brand all of your surveys and the app itself to match your university’s or colors, fonts, and logos.

Market research survey question types

Ready to Use Templates

Get started fast with fully customizable templates built around a variety of topics, from administrative to research.

Spend more time with students and less on survey design

2020欧洲杯体育投注网址Fine tune every survey and form with easy-to-use and automate processes so that administrators, educators, and students can all collect the data they need for success.

Do it all with:

  • Built-in Actions – including automated email sends triggered by responses, as well as securely pushing/pulling data to and from your existing patient database.
  • Advanced Survey Logic – including question logic, page logic, skip logic, and disqualifications based on patient responses.
  • Easy Integrations – with third party services like LMS, Safesforce, and Google Sheets, as well as the option to create custom integrations with the tools you already use.
  • Complete Brand Control – including branded urls and domains in addition to custom themes and styling.

Secure information storage and analysis

2020欧洲杯体育投注网址SurveyGizmo’s reporting and analysis tools allow you to access the information you need with presentation-ready charts, graphs, and even open text analysis. Features include:

  • Data Visualizations – Customize each question type with multiple chart & visual options.
  • Segmentation – Compare responses against each other by any criteria to find correlation and causation in your results.
  • Filtering – Get to your answers faster by digging into only the most relevant data to your question.

SurveyGizmo also makes it easy to securely export data to your existing patient databases and in multiple file types, including SPSS.

2020欧洲杯体育投注网址It’s your patient data, just the way you need it.

Surveys for departments and classrooms alike

SurveyGizmo is flexible enough to streamline almost every point in a student or researcher’s journey:

  • Freshman Orientation Surveys
  • Learning Management System Surveys
  • Online Tests and Quizzes
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • Graduate Student Research

2020欧洲杯体育投注网址And much more!